Is mainly targeted to people considering building echo gear. I’m transparent on what’s required as I’m an advocate of sharing information and putting also effort in fact finding.

This domain of guitar audio effects, in particular echo, nicely compliments my long engineering experience and education so it’s for me, as a retired person, the best winter/rain hobby I enjoy very much while adding value to the guitar players on a non-commercial base, a labour of love affair!

Main objective of the blog is supporting discussions  on the eTAP2 HW project in it’s final stage. It also allows for a more in-depth knowledge in the inner workings.

The presented solution, although based on the eTAP2HW project, is designed to accept, as a generic solution,  any SKRM motherboard already programmed by OCT.

This project’s main goal is to create an echo device with emulations of vintage echo’s known to be used by guitar groups around 1960. The aditional build requirements are to allow people to build it themselfs as a DIY job. All parts are chosen to allow building the unit with standard tools.


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  1. Barry,
    Thanks for your try-out. Yes,the eTap2HW is now kept away from the main site to improve focus and support to my ‘target audience’. Cheers -Piet

  2. HI LARS ,, I am happy to see you involved here great-stuff mate .
    I must tell you that your ”site” was what got me back into this hobby aprox 6 years ago I thank you for all the effort that you put into your site thats helped so many ..

    CHEERS from ”aussie-barry”..

  3. HI PIET & ALL , Piet could you please explain more on the pot testing,BCD test etc that you mentioned in your email ..I am not quite understanding you ??..
    I guess it is to ensure the BCD selector is wired correctly etc..
    I guess also you seem to be getting to the”Pointy-End” of the project ..& we will soon have some builds to show & apraise ..
    CHEERS for now,,,,,,,,,,,,,Barry..

  4. Barry,
    The BCD switch connection could be a bit confusing. the test file allows for a final check if wiring was ok. remember that not all BCD switches are equal 😉

  5. HI PIET
    How is the eTap 2HW project going ?. I am very interested in building one, when might it be ready ?. There has not been much information about it recently.

    Kind regards

    • Tony,
      Thanks very much for your comment!
      At the present I’m very much occupied with the project to bring it to the level of ‘issued’. The time already spent on this project is already passing the 400 manhours and requires ‘going through the modes’ on a step-by-step basis. The goal setting is to demonstrate the unit at the Berkel-Enschot meeting in a month’s time. Next week a ‘blessed with perfect hearing’ guitarplayer is ‘fieldtesting’ most of the emulations.

      Kind regards,

  6. Pancho,
    Thanks very much for your info. The unit is available and will be demonstrated at Tilburg this weekend. The status of my software is pre-release and not yet available to a wider audience. This status is one step before issued. The ordering of kits is now enabled (partial without the daughter board) under catalog number BPOSFV1 from

    The daughter boards are awaiting my code to be final. It’s expecting this within a couple of days. In the event that it’s approved by the early adaptors I’ll bring one complete kit with me for you.


    • Thank you Piet, as I said before, I can´t wait.
      By the way, I visited Newtone site which is only in Dutch and I wasn´t able to find the kit. I probably was doing something wrong.

  7. The catalog number is correct. It is possible not yet on his shop as the first batch is already assigned. The new batch of motherboards are not yet available, remember that I cannot deliver a ‘blessed’ code although it should be ‘around the corner’ so to speak. In Tilburg you’ll see/hear 2 units. I have stocked daughter boards who will be added to the kit when programmed with the released code. The fine tuning is already ongoing for weeks but final checks are started but not yet competed. The cost of the kit is still within the 65€ range that’s excluding potentiometers, selector and jacks.

  8. Hello,
    Can you say me if your Etap2HW is available.
    Is it possible to buy ?
    What’s is the price shipping for Belgium included
    My postal area code is 5060 and the City is Tamines
    Thank you for your answer

      • Hello,
        I’m interested in this project and I would buy two kits complets, (one for me and another one for a friend.
        I have some difficulty understanding where I can buy all the equipment and I do not speak Dutch.
        Can you help me?
        Guy (from France)

  9. hi piet i am putting the unit together never done anything like it before so please be understanding. i have put 25 resiters in and the remaining 2 at ref ri on dia says adj what one is that please. also just above ref r12 above the 6k8 resister it also says adj again what one is that. i also have 2 22k, 2 12k, 2 33k, 2 10k, 2 1.2k resisters that i cant find a ref as to where they go. can you please help. thank you peter

    • Peter,
      As requested by PM, please send picture of the motherboard to me for inspection. Further steps will be taken from that point onwards. ( top view please)

  10. HI PETER,PIET & ALL ,, Today I answered a Query from Peter on Resitor values for the Clip LED Which is R1 position on the board & also for the On-LED resistor R38 ..
    In my units I selected 82R [82ohms] for R1 clip-led, resistor….. & 4.7K- or,,3.3k for the ON led resistor R38 pos on board ..
    I think the extra resistors included in the Kits were maybe not correct ,[ie] I think the 22k & 33k were meant to be2.2K & 3.3k ?????.
    IF anyone has the same Query if you use the values that I have you will be OK & they are not critical could be either way by 20% or so with little difference as it only effects the brightness of the leds are not too bright & not to dull OK IMOP..
    IF you look in the ETap-2HW link atop & see build pics there is a board with the resistor No-placement printed on..enlarge this picture to see clearly ..
    CHEERS TO ALL BARRY..PS Has anyone noticed the Forum link Atop to be used for any Queries & or Help on assembly of the Etap-2-Hw ?????..

  11. The specific reasoning behind adding additional resistors to the kit is to allow the user to define the brightness of the LED’s themself. The PEAK LED source voltage is 3.3 volts while the POWER LED is 9 volts. In both cases two different resistors are to e used. A good initial value can be found at as a calculator.

    Source voltage = 3.3 volt
    Diode forwards voltage = 2.2 volts
    diode foreward current = 5 mA
    This calculates down to 220 Ohm

    If you use the 9 volts POWER LED using this formula it becomes 1.5 Kohm

    Obviously, this could be too bright so values could be higher

    A good suggestion is to install those calculated values and add a resistor in series in the wiring to the LED’s


  12. HI PIET THANKS for that explanation ,& yes those values you have indicated are quite bright [LED]That is why I used the values as said above in my comment ..

    CHEERS TO ALL & please feel welcome to Ask any Questions reguarding any Build Queries ..BARRY from OZ..

  13. Hi,
    This looks like a brilliant kit. I am amazed.
    Can I ask what is the difference between the Echomatic 1 F Classic, and the Echomatic 1 F special?
    Likewise the difference between the Echomatic 2 Bank, and the Echomatic 2 Classic?


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