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Welcome to the TVS echo controls settings!
This site is dedicated to a group of guitarist playing the music of Hank B. Marvin and the Shadows. The vintage echo’s used in this type of music is accurate emulated through the TVS echodevices available from TVS Speciality Products designs
TVS Speciality Product designs, manufactures and sells guitar effects units that emulate the sound of vintage magnetic drum/tape echoes such as the Meazzi Echomatics, Binson Echorec, Meastro Echoplex, Klemt Echolette, Vox and Roland.

The TVS line of sound processors has emerged from a number of years of research into the sound of original tube-based tape echo units such as the famous Meazzi Echomatic series.

They have found that this comes from the way that the circuitry affects both the dry (or direct) signals as well as the way the echoes (or wet) signals are produced and mixed back. The Tape Voicing Systems (TVS) have been developed to address this problem, with particular application to guitar inputs. They all use valves (tubes) in the direct sound path and are available in one of three versions.

Two of these (the TVS1 and TVS2) require use of a separate unit such as an Alesis or Zoom to produce the echoes while the top of the line model, the TVS3 uses in-built analogue delay lines to produce the echoes and is a completely self contained unit.





The recommended setting in the listings provided here on this site is with always the first value from the left being the recommended (See Note) setting. If alternative settings are suggested they are within brackets. We encourage you to use the recommended settings although the alternative settings are regarded as also very close.
Please note: The patches not shown in brackets were determined by TVS from analysis of the original Shadows recordings,while those shown in brackets were deduced through other means so not measured or/and analysed by TVS.

Pickups selection:

1= Bridge
2= Bridge + Middle
3= Middle
4= Middle + Neck
5= Neck
6= Bridge + Neck


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