Alesis NOP Patches

he NOP patches are produced by one of the best guitar players in the Netherlands and regarded as very good. The Dreamofglory patch is a very universal patch that, with disabling heads selectively, will cover most of the existing backings where Meazzi gear was used. Attention: This patch offering is devided in two separate deliverables so it will work on the Q20 (left channel) and also on the Q2 (right channel)



Note: Published with permission of the author


The pre-requisite you need to program a Q2/Q20 is a functional MIDI interface. With this MIDI interface and a correct configured QClick program you can access your Q2/Q20 in both data directions (IN/OUT). The JPatches are stored in a zip file so the first step is to un-zip the file. Now, the resulted files are directly compatible with QClick and, pending a functional MIDI interface, can be stored
directly to the Alesis Q2/Q20.

In order to store or recall patches from your Alesis Q2 or Q20 device it is recommended to use a Roland/Edirol UM-1X or equivalent midi interface. This MIDI interface is known to be compatible with  QClick, a Win95 Quadraverb 2 shareware editor, that’s required to actually load/save the patches.

This QClick program is also offering the capability to design/build your own patches. There is a direct dependancy towards the MIDI interfact and QClick as it’s based on a rather old version of MIDI hence the emphasis on this, and possible other, specific MIDI gear

1. Obtain QClick from

2. Obtain serial number using Google with exact this search string “qClick v1.01 : s/n:”  look for XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX formated S/N


Alesis NOP Patches — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Piet,
    I have some problems with my Q2.When I use the Q2 on my vox ac30
    from 1995 and on a vox cc2 the sound is very poor with very noise.
    on my old ac30 from arbiter produced end of 60s the sound is ok.
    Due to your experience do you know this problem. Wat I have to do for
    solve it.
    Best regards

    • Volckaert,
      The best advise is to get a audio expert to have a look at it. My suggestion would be to use an sin oscilator at 440Hz on the input en measure the outputs. It is possible that your audiochain isalready wrong before entering the Q20.
      p.s. Or play a recorded tone!

    • Kayel,
      NOP is an abbreviation for programming steps not used. in this particular case NOP stands for a dutch saying being ‘for free’!! They are developed by a famous dutch guitar player Namreh (hint: Nivram being revers for Marvin -;). They are regarded as top notch quality!!

      The Qclicks software developer did never extend his program for modern operating systems. I’m not sure if it’s correct but could you not set a compatibility flag in your program’s parameter

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