Layout motherboard and total working assembly

Before we touch on inner workings and other details I would like to share the motherboard assembly excluding the enclosure so its easier to refer to particular functions.

A view of the outside connections. The small jumper between the R-OUTPUT (DRY) and the L-OUTPUT/MONO (WET) is just a bridge between those two so the  L-OUTPUT/MONO can be used as a MONO (mix wet+dry).A couple of functions are open and are used for future developments.

In this working configuration there is one guitar input and two outputs assigned to guitar out dry and guitar out wet. A small jumper is included so the left output can be fully used as a dry+wet output. There is space allocated for additional tape artifacts including two extra dials.

Here is another enclosure to show the minimal size requirements being  4.4″ x 3.4″ x 1.0″   88mm x 112mm x 25.4mm(inner dimensions)




Layout motherboard and total working assembly — 3 Comments

  1. HI PIET & ALL , I very much like your concept as I have been following it for sometime .
    I would like to know how I go about purchasing a kit ??????
    I am an amature builer of project’s & this looks like a good one to do ,as an old shads fan..
    Cheers to all ,,,,,,,,,,barry..

  2. HI thank’s for the reply ..
    I will take more interest in this unit’s future as I now can post messages ..
    I am surprised at it’s compactness & thought that has obviously gone into this unit..
    Digital is here to stay & although I am a great supporter of analog devices there future is now outdated [here i am meaning guitar-effect’s] only..
    But with the advent of the computer to our homes allowes us from all countries [mine is ”Australia”] & it bring’s us all closer together & allowes us to learn more & discover new technology such as this brilliant project , I have admired & used the work done here on this echo-tapper site for quite a few years now & can only say it is here for us shad.s fan,s to freely peruse..
    THANKS to ALL concerned ..Barry..

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