eTap2hw Available

Just a ‘final’  update from me to announce the official availability of my eTap2hw DSP & Analog based design as being ready, fully tested and available.

The daugherboard  type FV-1 SKRM with my vintage echo’s DSP code  is presently available as partnumber SKRM-C8-ETAP2 from OCT in the USA. The pricing is kept the same as the other SKRM versions presently listed on the website.


A vendor here in the Netherlands, “Newtone-Winkel “ with a web store ,  provides the total kit under the following two (not yet published)  ordernumbers:

(1) BPOSFV1 this is the motherboard with components. 33 euro


Parts Set for the main board of the FV1-SKRM project See:

The parts set contains all the parts, required to populate the main board, namely:

  •  – The PCB itself
  • – The DC Bus
  • – The Elco’s and film and ceramic capacitors
  • – The white LEDs with green and red fresnel lenses
  •  – The diode and the IC’s complete with sockets
  • – The resistors
  • – The JFETs and voltage regulator (with heatsink)
  • – The spacers for the board – The 12V terminal

Please note: The parts set does not contain wire, potentiometers, switch, knobs, enclosure.

(2) BPOSSKRM this the   SKRM-C8-ETAP2  unit. 32euro

Obviously, the BPOSFV1 kit could be ordered separately there and the SKRM-C8-ETAP2 unit at OCT or another unit with reverbs by OCT as the eTap2hw design is a universal two channel design capable in both mono and stereo solutions. The eTap2hw with my emulations is configured as a mono device with two outputs being output1 dry+wet and output2 wet.

This, item’s 1+2 together (see picture below for the complete kit), brings the total combined  kit cost to 65 euro excluding shipment.


Please note that there is no uplift to the component cost as my effort designing/developing/testing/patch developent was provided for free as a ‘labour of love’ activity.So, you’re just paying the real cost of parts and shipment not a penny more!

There are  8 emulations are available:

  1. Meazzi Echomatic-I model ‘J’ 5 different modes ABC(D)EF
  2. Meazzi Echomatic-I model ‘F’  5 different modes ABC(D)EF
  3. Meazzi Echomatic-I model ‘F’ Special 5 different modes ABC(D)EF
  4. Meazzi Echomatic-II Bank5 different patches pre-programmed
  5. Vox LongTom Classic 5 different patches pre-programmed
  6. Meazzi Echomatic-II Classic  heads separately controlled
  7. Roland model 301 Mode 5Varispeed
  8. Reverb and/or TremoloReverbTrem/FreqTrem/Depth

Note: modes ABC(D)EF modes as per Meazzi device but ‘D’ not required

All emu’s are with tape/disc artifacts like saturation/noise/wow/flutter. Head timings and amplitudes  are exact as per known published timings

As the unit is designed as a low-cost module with flexibility taken into account the unit already is part of a hybrid solution with automation , a series of two eTap2hw units being echo + reverbs etc. There is presently one automation addition that can be acquired at cost by one vendor and  2 more DIY automation projects are ongoing to fit the eTap2hw directly.

Extensive testing by a group of ‘early adaptors’ (a big thanks to them!) was completed successful and build of the many units  (>20) using the build instructions provided by me showed a very high success factor. Obviously, a small solder iron and 4 hours patience is required. The unit size is rather small and fits in many small enclosures but also a 19″ rack!

There are a couple of places to pallet the sound of the unit already. I’m sure more samples will be in public while the build population grows. For continuation, the DSP code is distributed to key DSP programmers for future use.

For more information including build instructions see

Thank you,


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