Delivery outlook eTap2hw

The eTap2hw DSP code is presently at OCT-Distribution to batch program the FV-1 based daughter boards. The ordenumber already allocated is: SKRM-C8-ETAP2. The pricing is the same as the other SKRM versions presently listed on the website.

The vendor here in the Netherlands, “Newtone-Winkel “ with a web store, is presently in the process of ordering sufficient motherboards from a factory in Germany. They did get a small order already in to check if the boards are of the required quality and now are starting to order larger batches.

The motherboard with components excluding the SKRM-C8-ETAP2 board is already available through them, although in low quantities, under order number: BPOSFV1 The cost of this motherboard&components kit is 33 Euro excluding shipment cost.

When the ordered pre-programmed OCT boards are received by this Dutch vendor, the complete kits are then ready for shipment. It seems  now that it’s only a couple of  weeks before the ordering fulfillment can be started. As an extra service Newtone will stock also BCD switches. they need to be ordered separately. Obviously, potentiometers, enclosures, connectors etc can be also ordered through them. Eventually it’s foreseen that a complete kit, including enclosure, will be offered.

The list with pre-orders is now forwarded to the vendor for further processing pending availability of both SKRM-C8-ETAP2 and BPOSFV1

The announcement of the availability of complete kits will be reported here including details to order.



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